Hide Call Groups from showing to Users in the Company Directory and/or Developers in the API


Some customers create Call Groups for internal business use-cases, and they often do not want those Call Groups to be visible to Spoke Users in the Spoke App, or Developers using the Spoke API.

For instance, you may create a Call Group called Internal Finance Approvals Team that you do not want employees to see in the company directory. 

In another use-case, companies that use Twilio Studio to send calls to dynamic groups of Spoke Users, will often create a Call Group in Spoke as a placeholder, and then on-the-fly, change the Call Group membership, call offer rules, and other attributes of the Call Group in Spoke as they send calls from Twilio.

Hiding Call Groups allows you to create Call Groups that are not seen by users in the app. Developers using the Spoke API can choose if they want to return Hidden Call Groups in their API response.

How to hide a Call Group

  • Login into the Spoke Phone Account Portal
  • Go to Call Groups -> Manage Call Groups
  • Edit the Call Group you wish to hide
  • Turn on the switch: Hide group in Directory
  • Save changes

Effect of hiding a Call Group

If a Call Group is hidden: 

  • The Call Group does not show in the Spoke Phone Directory nor can be found by Spoke Users when searching the Directory in the Spoke App
  • The Call Group is not shown in Spoke Speedy for Twilio Flex, or returned in Spoke Speed search results
  • The Call Group is not returned, by default, to developers calling the Directory/GET API endpoint. Developers however can request to see hidden Call Groups in their API request.
  • For Administrators in the Account Portal, the Call Groups:
    • Can still be found in searches and edited
    • Can still be used just like any other Call Group (have assigned members, roll over rules, etc.)
    • Can still have an extension, DID, be added to IVRs on Spoke or called from Twilio Studio



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