How to set up office hours and after hours for your business


To get started:

  1. Navigate to directory -> settings -> office hours.
  2. Click the pencil to edit the default office hour rule or click the button to create a new one.
- You can only have one rule set to 'active' at one time.
- The active rule will only apply to calls made to your main company numbers
(any numbers assigned to 'All Locations').
- Future updates will allow you to have multiple active rules, assigned to
different numbers.

Set your office hours

  1. Set the timezone and drag the sliders to set your open hours for each day of the week.
  2. Orange is open, grey is closed.

Set your after-hours greeting

  1. Select what message you want to play when people call through after hours.
  2. To upload or record a new message, click the upload arrow.
  3. Whichever message is selected will play instead of your normal messages.

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