How to create a network level diversion for your number(s)

To create a network-level diversion for your number/numbers, follow the instructions below. In most cases, you will be able to do this by emailing your current carrier. However, if your carrier does not offer email support you will need to call them instead.

Step 1: Get your Spoke Phone Company Number

During your Spoke Phone account set up, you were given a landline phone number by Spoke Phone. This is the number we're going to have your existing phone numbers diverted to.

  • Go to your account portal online
  • Go to Settings > Numbers
  • Look for the number you don't recognize, that is ASSIGNED TO
  • Note down this number, as it is the number you will use in the next step

Step 2: Instructions for your current carrier

Copy the email text below and send it as an email to your current carrier or call your current carrier using the text below to guide your conversation. 


Email to be sent to your carrier/service provider

We need to temporarily divert all incoming calls to our current business
phone number that you provide to us, over to a new number. Our IT team has
instructed us to tell you that this needs to be a network-level diversion
to minimize latency and ensure that the caller's phone number (caller ID)
is passed through correctly.


- Inbound calls to our current number ring on our new number instantly,
or near instantly.

- The caller's phone number is correctly passed over to the new number in
an E.164 format.

- The call audio is clear and continues after the diversion is made from
your network.

The numbers that we want to be diverted are:


The new number you need to divert all calls to is:


(* Your existing numbers that you want to be diverted to Spoke Phone)

(**The Spoke Phone company number identified in Step 1)

An alternative to diverting

While it is uncommon, there are times when your current carrier will refuse to divert your calls, delay the process, or forward your calls incorrectly (technically). This leads to reduced call quality. To avoid this from occurring there are alternative options for you. Click here to read about an alternative to diverting existing numbers.

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