Will I experience any downtime when I port a phone number to Spoke Phone?

During the porting process, we evaluate port requests to identify any potential complications which may cause downtime. This enables our support team to resolve most complications before your number is ported to Spoke Phone. Once a port request is accepted, we schedule the completion of the number port with a date and time. At this stage, we are confident that the number port will proceed smoothly. As the porting process involves third parties outside of Spoke Phone such as your previous carrier, issues can occur that are outside of our control. For this reason, we cannot guarantee that there will be no downtime while a porting request is being processed.

Any downtime (if any) caused in the number porting process is minimal. In our experience, when downtime does occur, it happens on the scheduled day when the number port is due to take place. To minimize the likelihood of any downtime occurring, our support team does extensive testing to ensure the number porting is successful with minimal impact to your business.



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