Overview: Porting USA & Canada numbers to Spoke Phone


Spoke Phone offers the ability to port your existing number(s) to your Spoke Phone account. This means you get to retain the same phone number while you change your existing service provider or carrier for better coverage and connectivity.


Port processing times

Country Number Types Approx. Processing Time
The United States of America Toll-free
2-4 Weeks
Canada Toll-free
 4-6 Weeks

Port pricing

Country Number Type Cost per number
The United States of America

Landline (Geographic)

Toll-Free (1800)






Landline (Geographic)






Monthly number hosting

You get one free geographic landline number provided with your Spoke Phone account. For all other numbers that you port to Spoke Phone or buy from Spoke Phone, there is an ongoing monthly charge.

See the current monthly hosting prices for numbers on the pricing page here.

How to port your number to Spoke Phone

Before you can submit a port request, you will need to make sure you are a Spoke Phone customer and you have a paid subscription. 

Once you’re all signed up, send an email to support@spokephone.com and our porting team will be in touch. They will provide detailed instructions and guide you through the entire process. 

To speed up the process, you can get a head start by finding a copy of your latest bill from your current phone provider. Ideally, the bill will display the following information: 

  • The phone number(s) you want to port.
  • Company address (must be a local, valid address).
  • Your account name.
  • Your account number.

If your provider doesn’t display this information on your monthly bills, you can either request this information from them or log into your account on their website and take a few screenshots.

Typically this information can be found under sections such as ‘profile’, ‘account settings’, or ‘billing info’ although this will vary depending on your provider.

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