Porting is the process of transferring an existing phone number from one provider to another. In this case, the term ‘provider’ refers to the company you pay to keep and manage your phone number, that is, the company providing you with phone service. 

The porting process is semi-permanent; once your number is safely ported (transferred) to us, you would typically close the account with your old provider. However, you retain ownership of your phone number and can always choose to port away from us to a new provider. 

Types of numbers that can be ported to Spoke Phone

Spoke Phone allows you to port the following number formats:

  1. Geographic/landline numbers.
  2. Mobile numbers (in some countries).
  3. Non-geographic / toll-free numbers.

Porting for new accounts on Spoke Phone:

  • Once your new Spoke Phone account is set up, you divert your current business number to Spoke Phone.
  • You are now live and using Spoke Phone for all incoming and outgoing calls.
  • You may now start the port-in process.
  • Porting takes 2 to 12 weeks depending on your carrier and number.
  • You pay for both services (Spoke Phone and your old service) until your old number is ported to Spoke Phone.
  • You do not pay Spoke Phone for the porting costs until the port is complete.
NOTE: During a port-in, your account with your existing provider must 
remain active and fully-paid up until the port-in procedure is completed,
otherwise you can lose your number.

Submit a port request

If you have decided to port your number(s) to Spoke, send an email to support@spokephone.com and our porting team will be in touch to guide you through the next steps. 

Alternatively, for more information about pricing, processing times, and what documentation may be required, please refer to the relevant porting guide for your region. 

Cancel a port request

To cancel a port request, send an email to support@spokephone.com or reply to your existing porting ticket. 


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