HD voice & carrier calling modes

Carrier Calling

Spoke Phone is a VoIP (voice of internet protocol) solution which means calls are sent over data instead of traditional cellular signals or wires. With all VoIP solutions, users will occasionally experience variability in the quality of their data connection.

While this is not an issue for email and browsing, voice calls require constant quality data for the entire duration of the call.

For the times when your data quality is inconsistent, Spoke Phone has a unique feature that drops the call down to carrier calling mode, so you can have good quality calls even in inconsistent data environments.

When to use carrier calling

If you find that your call quality is consistently bad, then your data/internet connectivity likely isn't reliable enough to run VoIP calls. You may want to consider using Spoke Phone in carrier calling mode. Carrier calling mode delivers calls to your mobile phone's voice connection, so your Spoke Phone business calls will be at least the same quality as your normal mobile phone calls.

Using carrier calling mode

You can switch to carrier calling mode:

  1. For a call, you are about to make.
  2. During a call.
  3. For all calls in and out.

When making calls

You can switch to carrier calling for one call you are about to make by popping up the call route screen as you place the call. To pop the call route screen:

  1. Dial a number on the keypad, and press and hold the call button.
  2. Swipe left on a contact record, press and hold the call button.
  3. Go into a contact record, then press and hold the call button.
  4. Go to call history, swipe left, then press and hold the call button.
  5. From a phone number, press and hold the number.

In all the above instances the call route screen will popup allowing you to select carrier mode for this one call. When the call route screen pops, slide the call quality switch over to the carrier.

  1. Set the call quality slider to carrier.
  2. Select a number to place the call from (caller ID).
  3. This call will be placed using carrier calling mode.
  4. Your next call will return to HD Voice mode automatically.

During calls

Sometimes you can be talking on a call and you lose Wi-Fi or 4G data, and your call starts to break up. If this happens, you can switch to carrier calling mode during a live call.

  1. Go to the Spoke Phone app while on the call.
  2. Press the fix call quality link.
  3. The caller will be told to wait on the line.
  4. Your normal mobile will ring and when you answer, you will be talking to the caller again, but over your phone's voice network.

Why users may have bad call quality consistently and what you can do to fix it

If you find you are always getting bad calls, it is because your WiFi has not been configured correctly, or you don't have reliable cellular data. In this case, you can configure your WiFi or tell Spoke Phone to always use carrier calling mode.

  1. Go to the Spoke Phone app.
  2. Tap the user icon on the bottom menu.
  3. Set the call quality slider to carrier mode.
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