This article will show you how to use the Spoke Phone app to transfer live calls to a colleague.

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Transfer options

When you transfer a live call, Spoke Phone gives you three different types of 'transfer' actions to choose from. 

Type Description
Transfer  The direct Transfer option will immediately end your call and start calling the colleague you selected. When your colleague answers, they will be talking to the original caller. 
Announce then transfer The Announce then Transfer option will keep the original caller on hold while connecting you with the colleague you are transferring the call to. This allows you to privately brief your colleague, then connect the call and leave, or, connect the call and stay for a 3-way conversation.
Send to voicemail The last option is to Send (the caller) to voicemail. This allows the caller to leave a direct voice message for that specific person, without disturbing your colleague by ringing their phone. 


How to transfer a live call

Follow the steps below to transfer a live call using the Spoke Phone app:

  1. If your phone screen is locked, unlock your phone. 

  2. Tap the Transfer button on the call screen. 

  3. This will load a list of your colleagues in the Internal directory. 

  4. Scroll down to the relevant person and tap Transfer to

  5. A screen will pop up giving you options to: Transfer, Announce then Transfer, or Send to Voicemail.

  6. Select from the list of available transfer options.

  7. For Transfer, or Send to Voicemail, your call will end immediately and the original caller will be connected to your colleague or sent to your colleague's direct voicemail. 

  8. For Announce then Transfer, you will be connected to your colleague while the original caller remains on hold. 

  9. When you are ready to take the caller off hold, tap Connect & Leave to connect the caller to your colleague and leave the call.

  10. Or, tap Connect & Stay to take the caller off hold and have a 3-way conference call with the original caller and your colleague. 

Depending on the current availability of the colleague you are transferring 
the call to, some of the transfer options may be greyed out / unavailable.

For example:
If the colleague you select is 'unavailable' the only option for
transfer will be 'Send to Voicemail'. 'Transfer' and 'Announce then transfer'
will be greyed out and unable to be selected.


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