How to set up a soft phone (Zoiper)


Zoiper is a free softphone for your computer that works with Spoke Phone. You can use Zoiper as your only way to make and take calls on Spoke Phone. However, we recommend pairing Zoiper with the Spoke Phone app on your mobile phone so you can access and use all the advanced Spoke Phone features that are not available on Zoiper.

Download and install Zoiper

  • Go to and click on the Download menu.
  • Download and install Zoiper5 for your desktop (eg: Mac or Windows).

Login to your Spoke Phone account

Find your login details

Your administrator will have emailed or sent your login details. There will be three pieces of information. You will need this information to log in to Zoiper.

Setting Name
Authentication user name
Authentication password
SIP Server/Proxy address

If you do not have this information, ask your administrator to provide you with your SIP addresses.

Enter your login details

  • Open Zoiper - you should see the screen below.
  • Enter the login details sent to you, in the fields shown on the image below.


  • The green LOGIN button should now be active.
  • Click the LOGIN button.

SIP/Proxy Address

  • Enter your SIP/Proxy.
  • When correctly entered the Next button will go green.
  • Click Next.

Authentication and Outbound Proxy

  • Skip this step unless your administrator tells you otherwise.
  • Click Skip.

Network Detection

  • Zoiper will test your network.
  • One of these bars needs to go green.
  • If none go green, contact your network administrator.
  • If the Next button goes green, click it.

Close the Setup

  • Ensure you get the green tick.
  • Click the X to close the setup.
You're done!
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