How to assign an extension number and direct-dial-in (DDI) to a user

Assign an extension number

  1. Login to your Account Portal online.
  2. Extension numbers have been auto-generated and added to all users, call groups, and SIP/IP devices.
  3. Edit either a user (directory member), call group, or SIP/IP device, to see the extension number assigned.
  4. Click the extension number to edit or reassign (or) you can click here to see and edit all extensions.


Assign a direct-dial in (DDI) to a user

  1. Login to your Account Portal online.
  2. Go to the Settings.
  3. Find the Phone Numbers section and click the Edit button.
  4. Locate the number you wish to assign to the user.
  5. Click the Edit pencil on the far right.
  6. Scroll down to the Assign to field as shown below.
  7. Click on the orange text (in this example All Locations).
  8. Select the user.
  9. Scroll up and press Save.

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