Forwarding calls to an external number

What can be forwarded to external numbers

  1. You can forward calls made to a call group out to an external phone number.
  2. You cannot forward calls to a user, or any other calls, to an external phone number.

Set-up call forwarding on unanswered calls to a call group

  1. Login to your account portal online.
  2. Go to the settings > call groups.
  3. Find the call group and click the edit button.
  4. Scroll down until you see the section what happens if none picks up.
  5. Click on this to drop it down.
  6. Select send to an external number.
  7. Enter the number.

When do calls roll over to the external number?

  1. If everyone in the call group is busy, offline, or do not answer incoming calls, calls will roll over to the external number.
  2. If you want calls to immediately roll over, remove everyone from the call group.
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