How to forward calls to an external number


This article will show you how to forward unanswered calls to an external number. It contains the following sections:

Note: Any calls you forward to an external number will present your own 
company number as the caller ID. The phone number of the original caller
is not passed through.

What calls can be forwarded?

Any unanswered calls made to a team can be forwarded to an external phone number, providing this has been set up in advance.

You cannot forward to an external number:

  • Calls made directly to a user's DDI (direct dial-in number)
  • Calls that have already been answered by a Spoke user

Set up call forwarding on unanswered calls to a team

  1. Login to your account portal online.
  2. Go to Settings > Teams.
  3. Find the team and click the Edit button.
  4. Scroll down until you see the section What happens if no one picks up.
  5. Click on this to drop it down.
  6. Select Send to an external number.
  7. Select the appropriate country and enter the number.

When will calls be forwarded to the external number?

  1. Calls will forward to the external number immediately if everyone in the team is busy or offline.
  2. If team members are available but do not answer incoming calls within the time you have set for How long do callers wait in total for someone to pick up, then calls will forward to the external number.
  3. If you want every call to be immediately forwarded, remove everyone from the team. 

Call forwarding charges

All calls forwarded outside of Spoke Phone will be charged at the normal outbound call rates. 

Current outbound call pricing can be found online here


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