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Spoke Phone's Google Contacts integration enables you to share a customer contact list that you've curated in Google Contacts, with your entire team in Spoke Phone. 

This article will show you how to set up and use Spoke Phone's Google Contacts integration. It contains the following sections:

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  • Google Contacts is individual to each Google user, and there is no way to easily share Google Contacts across multiple Google users at your company.
    • Because Spoke Phone can only connect to one Google Contacts account, this integration is really only designed for one-user companies that don't have a CRM.
    • What some companies do to get around this is to add all (of the company) contacts into the one Google Contacts account.
  • If multiple Google contact records have the same number, you cannot yet pick which actual person it is on the call. This feature will be added soon.



  • Google Contacts.
  • Spoke Phone account.
  • Administrator access/rights to Google Contacts.
  • Administrator access/rights to SpokePhone.


Connecting Google contacts

  1. Go to your Spoke Phone account portal online and login.
  2. Go to integrations > add integration.
  3. Select to add on the Google contacts card.
  4. Follow the prompts or watch the video below for additional help with this step. 

Data syncing

It may take a while to initially sync your contacts to Spoke Phone. Plan for roughly 1 hour per 10,000 contacts.


Contact records

  • To find your Google Contacts contacts in the Spoke Phone app, go to the external directory.
  • Search your Google Contacts contacts from the Spoke Phone app using the search bar at the top of the app.
  • When a call comes into Spoke Phone, if the corresponding phone number calling is found in Google Contacts, Spoke Phone will display the customer's name.
  • If more than one person is found with that number in Google contacts, Spoke Phone will pick the first person found, and let you know there are other potential matches.
  • You cannot edit contact records in Spoke Phone (by design). You can edit contact information in Google contacts and Spoke Phone will be updated within minutes.
  • Contacts that have multiple email addresses and phone numbers in Google Contacts, will show and be searchable in Spoke Phone with/across all the email addresses and phone numbers.


Formatting phone numbers

  • Phone numbers in Google Contacts need to be in the correct format.
  • For numbers in other countries, ensure Google Contacts users follow the best practice of adding international dialing code in the E164 format. Eg: +61, +1, etc.
  • If phone numbers in Google contacts do not have an international dialing code, Spoke Phone will dial the number as though it is a local number to your Spoke Phone account. If your Spoke Phone account is based in Australia, Spoke Phone assumes that all non-E164 format numbers in Google Contacts are Australian numbers.
  • Spoke Phone will attempt to fix bad formatting on phone numbers you have stored in Google contacts. For instance, adding country codes, inserting local dialing prefixes, etc. If Spoke Phone is unable to fix the formatting, you will need to fix the number in Google contacts.
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