Mobile phones

Manufacturer Minimum O/S Minimum model
Apple iOS 12. iPhone 7 or above.
Samsung Android 8. Galaxy S7 or above
Note 8 or above.

Recommended Android phones

Spoke Phone works on any Android phone that meets the minimum specifications and requirements listed below.

Item Requirement
Minimum Android O/S. Android 8.
Minimum internal memory on the phone. 3GB RAM.
Power/battery saver/optimization mode. Is turned off.
Apply phone optimization settings. Phone optimization settings.
Spoke Phone calling mode. Only use Spoke Phone in Carrier calling mode.

Android phone limitations

A large number of Android phones turn off features to extend battery life. One thing that they turn off is the ability of applications (like Spoke Phone) to receive calls.

The result can be that when your battery is low, your phone will not receive Spoke Phone calls. For many Android phones, these features do not turn back on, even when your battery is fully charged again.

Desk phones

Spoke Phone is a mobile-first business phone system designed for the next generation of mobile workers who are mobile or remote and have no need or desire to use a desk phone. However, we understand that some users prefer a desk phone or may need a desk phone in a common area or room, such as the kitchen or waiting room.

Supported desk phones and setup guides:
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