You can customize the sounds, greetings, messages, and music in Spoke Phone, or use the default sounds and automated greetings. We recommend you personalize Spoke Phone to make it your own.


📁  Click here to listen to several great examples of how companies have customized their Spoke Phone audio messages and music.


  1. Main greeting - A welcome greeting that is played when customers call your main company number/s. You can turn these on or off, use system default greetings, or replace the system default greetings with your own custom recording.

  2. Call group greeting - An optional greeting that is played when customers call a department directly, such as "customer support". You can turn these on by adding your own custom recordings.

  3. Prompt - A series of instructions that callers may hear as they interact with your phone system. You can replace the default prompts with your own custom recordings.

  4. IVR, voice-menu, auto-attendant - These three terms all define the same thing. The ability for a customer to be automatically routed to a person or group of people. You can choose to have IVRs or not.

  5. Nina the robot - By default, all greetings, prompts, and IVRs are spoken by Nina the robot. You can replace Nina with your own custom recordings. Nina speaks multiple languages.

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