If you are in a trial of Spoke Phone, put aside 30 minutes to run through the challenges below. Doing this will give you a good appreciation of the key features and how easy Spoke is to use.

What you'll Need

  1. Two or (ideally three) users with the Spoke Phone app installed the Spoke Phone app
  2. A landline or mobile phone that does not have Spoke Phone installed
  3. Have the users sit in separate locations

Here's how to Play:

  1. It's your turn
  2. A teammate calls out a task number from the list of activities below
  3. You've got 2 minutes to find the help, do the activity

Game Activity List

1. Call a teammate using the Internal Directory

No hints here, it's easy!

2. Put a person on hold and back off
You don't need help, do you?

3. Turn a call into a conference call
OK, a little more complex, search for the help article if you need to.

4. Dictate a voice note to yourself
Hint: Look for the microphone icon.

5. Leave a voicemail for a teammate
Hint: Call a teammate, tell them not to pick up.

6. Setup personal voicemail
Hint: It's in the app settings, under the user icon.

7. Transfer a call to a teammate
Hint: Get a teammate to call you from Spoke Phone.

8. Retrieve Voicemail
Hint. Check out your call history.

9. Send a voice-note to a teammate
Hint: Swipe (R->L) or tap on a teammate.

10. Call back a missed call
Hint. Swipe (R->L) on the call history.

11. Call someone using the dial-pad
No hints here, it's easy!

12. You're walking around and your cell signal drops, switch to Carrier Mode
Tricky! You'll need to find the help article for this.

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