How to set up secondary brands/companies


Companies often have one main business and one or two secondary brands or 'side businesses' that they also want to run on Spoke Phone. Often, these secondary brands or companies are staffed by the same employees. Either way, calls for multiple brands can be managed using the one Spoke Phone account.

  • Each brand can have a different phone number, greeting, and voicemail message.
  • Calls to a brand can be offered to specific employees in one brand, or employees working in any of the brands.
  • Spoke Phone shows employees what brand is being called.
  • When making a call out, users can manually choose to show the Caller ID related to that brand.
  • When returning a call made to a brand, Spoke Phone automatically selects the brand's correct Caller ID.
  • Call history will show the call was made to this brand/company.

Process for setting up a secondary brand/company:

  1. Go to your Spoke Phone online account portal.
  2. Go to Call Groups > Add call group.
  3. Create a new call group for the sub-brand/company.
  4. Select which employees will answer the calls.
  5. Record a new greeting and voicemail message for the sub-brand/company.
  6. Go to Phone Numbers > Manage numbers.
  7. Buy or port in a new phone number to be used for the sub-brand /company.
  8. Edit the phone number and assign it to the new call group.
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