Locations are where your offices or people are located. Locations can be useful to:

  1. Auto-route calls to employees who are the closest to the customer calling in.
  2. Give customers a local number to call, which connects them to local employees.
  3. Implement multiple offices without having to set up complicated call trees.
  4. Work in conjunction with call groups, so you can have one global team (eg. sales), that automatically routes calls to sales representatives in the customer's region.
  5. Group employees in the company address book.

Lets say you have offices in New York, Sydney, and London, and you have sales representatives in each office.

  1. A customer in New York calls in for the sales team.
  2. If there are people on the sales team in New York who are available to take a call (i.e. they are not busy on the phone, on a day off, or in a meeting), then the call is offered to those salespeople in New York.
  3. If there are no people available in New York, then the call is offered to everyone else in the sales team wherever they are in the world.

Team rollover

With traditional phone systems, customers are often kept on hold for long periods of time while the system "hunts" for people to answer a call. By offering a call to geographically based employees first you ensure local customers are given local support. However, if no one local is available, the Spoke Phone auto-routing process offers the call to all other salespeople globally, ensuring that customers are responded to very quickly.

GEO missed call/voicemail

Missed call alerts for the sales team are sent to everyone on the sales team globally to ensure the fastest call back for the customer. As a user responding to a missed call, you can see what location the customer originally called.


Prerequisites to location-based auto-routing Calls:

  1. You must have set up locations.
  2. Employees must select a location in their Spoke Phone App.


To setting up locations and GEO routing:

  1. Log into your Spoke Phone account portal.
  2. Go to Settings > Locations.
  3. Ensure that you've set up [office] locations.
  4. Go to Settings > Phone Numbers.
  5. Here you will see the company numbers you already own on Spoke Phone.
  6. By default, company numbers ring in.
  7. Add a local phone number in each of your office locations.
  8. Assign a number to each location.
  9. When customers call in on these new local numbers, calls will be auto-routed.
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