My phone does not ring but I get missed calls


  1. Your phone does not ring when you expect it to
  2. Your phone takes a long time to start ringing
  3. You get a missed call notification, but your phone did not ring

Potential Causes

Your phone will only ring if:

  1. Your phone is turned on
  2. Your Spoke app is set to Online (you're not set as busy or offline)
  3. Someone calls your Spoke DID
  4. You are a member of a call group set up to answer customer calls

Your Phone will not ring if:

  1. Someone else in a call group answers the call before the call is offered to you
  2. You're not in a call group you think you are in
  3. Your phone is not connected to WiFi or cellular data

You may get Missed Calls even though your phone did not ring:

If a customer calls a call group that you belong to, it may or may not be your turn to answer the call. In other words, your phone may or may not ring. However, if your team mate's (whose turn it is to answer the call) don't answer it in time, everyone in the group, including you, will get a missed call notification. This is to ensure that someone in the call group rings the customer back.

Your phone may take more time to start ringing than someone else's:

  1. Your internet/data signal strength and speed
  2. The quality/processor speed of your phone

Here are some average ring times for common phones that we've tested.

Other Reasons why your Phone may not ring:

  1. Your Spoke app is out of date
  2. You're using Spoke on an unsupported device
  3. Your (Android) phone's power and data saving features are interfering with the Spoke app
  4. Your internet/data connection is not configured correctly

Potential Resolutions:

  1. Check and update Spoke to the latest version
  2. Ensure your phone is connected to the minimum recommended WiFi or 4G network
  3. If you are on Android, check out our Phone optimization settings for battery and app optimization settings and make sure your phone settings aren't stopping you from getting business calls
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