Call experience and behaviour


Spoke Phone integrates with both Apple's and Android's native call handling modules. These call handling modules define how Spoke Phone calls work and interact with your native phone, native phone calls, other apps, and Bluetooth devices.

Controlling the experience

These call manager modules exist to control how third-party calling apps (like Spoke Phone) work, look and feel. It is all about giving you (the user) a consistent experience when answering and making calls, including calls on Bluetooth devices.

Here Spoke Phone will not send you a call when:

  1. You are already on a Spoke Phone call.
  2. When your availability is marked as busy, offline, or on vacation.


The Bluetooth devices you use with your normal phone calls should also work with Spoke Phone.

When things are not the same

The caveat is that sometimes, on some phones, with some Bluetooth devices, Spoke Phone calls and experiences can be different than expected. Every operating system Apple and Google release brings changes to how your phone works, and how third-party apps like Spoke Phone are allowed to interact with your phone. You may have an iPhone 10 on the latest operating system and another user may have an iPhone XS on the same operating system. Spoke Phone's call experience may work slightly differently on each phone.

If you are an Android user you can be on the same make and model phone, with the same Android operating system as another user, yet the Spoke Phone call experience may work slightly differently. This is because Android allows telecommunication companies to change the way Andriod works. The same Android phone from the same telecommunication company on the same operating system can work differently based on when the device was sold.

As Apple and Google update their operating systems, your Spoke Phone call experience may change. Changes in call experience due to operating system updates are usually positive.

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