Reasons why you may not be able to make outbound calls on Spoke Phone


Sometimes when you make a call from Spoke Phone you will get an error. This is not unique to Spoke Phone as landline phones and mobile phones can also have errors when calling.

Error when claiming a call or calling someone back from Spoke Phone

When calls come into Spoke Phone the caller's phone number we save the number so you can easily call that person back.

However, there are times when the phone number used by the caller is not a real phone number. This occurs when the caller uses certain services for calling such as Skype or WhatsApp with no set number. 


Unless the number used by the caller is a real number you will not be able to return the call. It is similar to dialing an invalid number - there is nowhere for the call to go.

Dialer error messages "please complete number" or "no such number"

When you use Spoke Phone to dial a phone number, you may see either of these two messages on the dialer.

Spoke Phone knows what number formats are valid for each country, and, what actual range of numbers are valid in each country. If you enter a number and the call button at the bottom of the dialer will not light up and turn green, the number you entered is either not valid or not complete.

Attempting to dial emergency services numbers from Spoke Phone

You are unable and forbidden to use Spoke Phone to dial 911, 111, 000, 101, or any other number reserved for emergency services in any country. You must use a landline phone or your mobile phone's dialer to make all emergency calls. Please see our terms of Use for more info.

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