How to add a desk phone or softphone device to your Spoke Phone account


You can add devices (desk phones, conference phones, common area phones, and softphones) to Spoke Phone using industry-standard SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).

These devices can be assigned to a user (allowing them to make and receive calls to their extension) or left as stand-alone devices, such as a common area phone. 

Adding a desk phone or softphone device to Spoke Phone

  • Log in to your Spoke Phone account portal online.
  • Navigate to Phones & Devices > Add Device.


  • Display Name. This should be a logical name such as 'Jason's Desk Phone', 'Kitchen Phone', 'Conference Room A", etc.
  • SIP Device Registrar/Trunk: This should always be Spoke Phone
  • Outbound calls? If this phone is to be a common area phone that can only call internal extensions, you will want to turn this setting Off
  • Click Save Changes to save the new device

Getting the device credentials for use when setting up a desk phone or softphone

  • Edit the Device in question


  • Extension number: This is automatically assigned. You can change this.
  • Want to assign the device to a user? You can assign this device to a specific Spoke Phone user by selecting their name here. Assigning a device to a specific user will remap the device extension number to be the same as the users, and the allow outbound call setting will be ignored.
  • Note down the login credentials for use when setting up your device:




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  • Is it possible to force the SIP phone to a specific Caller ID when placing an outbound call? We don't want it to use the 'Default'.  (We want it to use a 'verified on Spoke' number instead).


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