How to integrate with Sugar CRM


Spoke Phone’s Sugar CRM integration syncs Sugar CRM contacts into your Spoke Phone, and logs all calls made on Spoke Phone against records in Sugar CRM. If users have Spoke Phone standard or pro licenses, they are able to dictate call notes and follow up after calls, which are transcribed into text and also added to the customer record in Sugar CRM.

This article will show you how to set up and use Spoke Phone's Sugar CRM integration. It contains the following sections:

Note: Your Sugar CRM instance customizations may require Spoke Phone
or your CRM partner to tune your integtration to get it working perfectly.


  • Paid Sugar CRM account.
  • Spoke Phone professional account.
  • Administrator access/rights to Sugar CRM.
  • Administrator access/rights to Spoke Phone.

Connecting Sugar CRM

  1. Login to Sugar CRM with a user that has full administrator rights.
  2. Go to your Spoke Phone account portal online and login.
  3. Go to integrations > add integration.
  4. Select to add on the Sugar CRM card.
  5. Select connect your SugarCRM
  6. blobid0.png
  7. Fill in your user credentials: Enter the username and password of an administrator-level user in Sugar CRM. Ideally, this user would be called "API User" or some other name so you know what the user is for.
  8. Switch over to Sugar CRM and find the admin area.
  9. Look for a menu item or section called configure API Platforms or similar words, and click on it. You will get to a screen similar to the below.
  10. Add Spoke Phone as shown below, click add.blobid2.png
  11. Click Save.
  12. Copy the Sugar CRM URL: Go to the top of the browser, and copy the site URL of the SugarCRM as shown below. Do not copy past .com.Screen_Shot_2020-07-07_at_3.40.53_PM.png
  13. Go back to Spoke Phone.
  14. Paste in the Sugar CRM Site URL as shown below.
  15. Ensure to follow the prompts under the Site URL field.
  16. In the platform field, enter the name you just created in the previous step in the SugarCRM.
  17. Screen_Shot_2020-07-07_at_3.41.27_PM.png
  18. Click save.
  19. Click OK, then click next.
  20. Your set up is finished. 

Data Syncing

It may take a while to initially sync your contacts to Spoke Phone. Plan for roughly 1 hour per 10,000 contacts.


Contact records

  • To find Sugar CRM records in the Spoke Phone app, go to the external directory.
  • Search Sugar CRM records from the Spoke Phone app using the search bar at the top of the app.
  • When a call comes into Spoke Phone, if the corresponding phone number calling is found in Sugar CRM, Spoke Phone will display the customer's name.
  • If more than one person is found having that number in Sugar CRM, Spoke Phone will pick the first person found, and let you know there are other potential matches.
  • You cannot edit contact records in Spoke Phone (by design). You edit contact information in Sugar CRM, and Spoke Phone will be updated within minutes (depending on your Sugar CRM API license).
  • Records that have multiple email addresses and phone numbers in Sugar CRM, will all show and be searchable in Spoke Phone.


Call records / logs

  • If you have a call from a number found on a record in Sugar CRM, Spoke Phone will add a call log to that person in Sugar CRM.
  • If more than one person is found having that number in Sugar CRM, Spoke Phone will pick the first person found, and add a call log to that person.
  • Call logs will usually be added to Sugar CRM five or so minutes after the call. This can be altered.
  • If the Spoke Phone user is also a Sugar CRM user, call logs will be recorded in Sugar CRM against their account/user. This requires that the email address for the user in both Spoke Phone and Sugar CRM be the same.
  • If the Spoke Phone user is not also a Sugar CRM user, call logs will be recorded against the default Sugar CRM user that you selected during the initial Sugar CRM integration setup.


Call notes and follow up

  • If a Spoke Phone user dictated follow up notes after a call, the notes will be transcribed into text and available in the call log for that customer in Sugar CRM.
  • Transcribed call notes will usually be added to Sugar CRM within five minutes after the call.


Formatting phone numbers

  • Phone numbers in Sugar CRM need to be in the correct format.
  • For numbers in other countries, ensure Sugar CRM users follow the best practice of adding international dialing code in the E164 format. Eg: +61, +1, etc.
  • If phone numbers in Sugar CRM do not have an international dialing code, Spoke Phone will dial the number as though it is a local number to your Spoke Phone account. If your Spoke Phone account is based in Australia, Spoke Phone assumes that all non-E164 format numbers in Sugar CRM are Australian numbers.
  • Spoke Phone will attempt to fix bad formatting on phone numbers you have stored in Sugar CRM. For instance, adding country codes, inserting local dialing prefixes, etc. If Spoke Phone is unable to fix the formatting, you will need to fix the number in Sugar CRM.

Call reporting

  • If you have Sugar CRM reporting enabled, you will see Spoke Phone calls correctly logged against your Sugar CRM users
  • This requires the Spoke user also be a Sugar CRM user, with the same email address used in both Spoke and Sugar CRM
  • Calls with Spoke users who are not Sugar CRM users will be logged against the default Sugar CRM user account that you selected during the initial setup

Additional Information

  • Calls from unknown callers do not create new contact records in Sugar CRM. 
  • If multiple Sugar CRM records have the same number, you cannot yet pick which actual person it is on the call. 
  • To know more about using webhooks to log call recording files into ZohoCRM, please get in touch with our Sales team at
  • If you add additional voice notes to a call in Spoke Phone at a later date, they will not be added to Sugar CRM.
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