My phone rings even though I am not on any call groups, and I get weird missed calls

The problem

You are getting call history and missed calls on your device, even though you are in no call groups, and have no Direct Dial In (DDI) phone numbers.


You may have set up two phones using the same SIM, and the system is sending calls to two devices.

You may have first set up (phone #1) using it's SIM, and then registered a second phone (phone #2) using the SIM card of your first phone, phone #1.

This has dual registered two devices to you, and our system is sending calls and notifications to both.  If the user on phone #2 answers the calls before you, your phone may sometimes ring, sometimes not, and may have call history even though your phone did not ring.


You have to delete both users and re-add them using different SIM cards or email addresses.

  • Log into your Spoke Phone account portal online.
  • Delete the phone #1 user and phone #2 user from the directory.
  • Delete the Spoke Phone app from both phones, reboot, then reinstall Spoke Phone from the app/play store.
  • Re-invite phone #1 and #2 using a unique SIM, or by email.
  • Log back into the Spoke App on each phone.
  • Add each user back into any call groups they may have belonged to.
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