Reset/reinvite/reinstall a user that is having trouble getting calls ringing their phone

In some instances, you may be asked to reset a user and reinvite them to install the Spoke Phone app.  This is sometimes done when:

  • Users have got a new phone and the old phone has remained registered on Google/Apple
  • The user's internet dropped partway through setting up or changing availability on Spoke Phone
  • Users app is so far out of date it is unable to be upgraded


Resetting users

  1. Delete the user from the Spoke Phone account portal
  2. Have the user delete the Spoke Phone app from their phone
  3. Have the user reboot their phone
  4. Add the user back into the Spoke Phone account portal, inviting them by EMAIL
  5. Have the user download the latest Spoke Phone app and log in using their email
  6. Ensure Android users follow these Must do Android Optimisation steps
  7. Ensure iOS users follow these Must do Apple Optimisation steps
Remember to add the user back into the Call Groups they belong to.
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