Deploy Spoke Phone into your Twilio account (SID)

By default, every Spoke Phone customer is provisioned on a Twilio sub-account that is controlled and managed by Spoke Phone.

For customers that already have a Twilio account or those who want to own and have more control over their infrastructure, Spoke Phone can be deployed into a customer-provided Twilio account.


How to deploy Spoke Phone into a customer provided Twilio account:

  1. Go to your Twilio account
  2. Create a Twilio Programmable Voice API Key called spokephone. Ensure it is a key type=Standard
  3. Copy the Twilio Account SID, API Key SID, and API Secret 
  4. Contact your Spoke Phone account executive for the Twilio Account Setup URL
  5. Click on the URL to enter the account setup/onboarding flow
  6. Enter the Twilio Account SID, API Key SID, and API Secret when asked



Note: Due to security reasons, only new Spoke Phone accounts
can be deployed into customer provided Twilio accounts.
Existing Spoke Phone customers cannot be moved and
will require a second Spoke Phone account to be
created and their set up replicated.


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