How to set up locations for GEO-routing of calls


This article will show you how to use the locations feature to set up automatic geo-routing of calls.

It contains the following sections:

Prerequisites for geo-routing of calls

  • You must have set up locations and local phone numbers for each location.
  • Employees must select their location in their Spoke Phone App.

Step 1: Set up Locations

Follow the steps below to set up your [office] locations.

  1. Log into your Spoke Phone account portal.
  2. Go to Other > Locations
  3. Click Add locations to create new office locations
  4. Ensure your users have each selected their own location in the app. 

Step 2: Set up local phone numbers for each location

  1. Go to Phone Numbers > Manage numbers.
  2. Here you will see the company numbers you already own on Spoke Phone.
  3. By default, company numbers are assigned to All locations
  4. Add a local phone number for each of your office locations.
  5. Edit each number and assign it to the relevant location. 

You're done! Now, when customers call in on any of these local numbers, calls will be automatically geo-routed to prioritize available employees in that specific location. 


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