This article covers frequently asked questions about Spoke Phone trials. 

It includes the following sections:

What are the limitations of a free trial?


Limitations on free trial accounts include capping on outbound calls to 60 seconds or one minute. This means your outbound calls will automatically be disconnected at 60-second intervals.

Phone numbers

Free trial accounts are limited to one local landline number. More numbers are available for purchase upon signing up. 


Free trial accounts are limited to three users only.

If you require more users during your trial, please reach out to your assigned sales rep or email us at sales@spokephone.com.

Can I extend my trial account?

Trial accounts typically last for a week or 7 days in total. You cannot extend a trial account but this may vary from case to case. If you are yet to explore more features on Spoke Phone please reach out to a sales rep if you are assigned one or email us at sales@spokephone.com.

How can I test numbers from other countries during my trial?

During the Spoke Phone free trial, you are limited to one phone number.

VoIP calls are regular phone calls but made over a broadband high-speed Internet connection, and thus your call quality is dependent on quality internet. This call quality will be the same in all regions, whether it is intra-region/country or between regions/country.

Therefore, if you want to know if it works for numbers from other countries, the answer is yes -  it will work as well as it does on your current trial number. If you wish to purchase extra numbers, you can do so once you have entered your credit card details in the billing section.

How do I cancel my trial?

To cancel your Spoke Phone trial you can either:

  • Contact your Spoke Phone representative.
  • Contact support@spokephone.com.
As long as your account is not activated (i.e. no credit card details entered)
then your account will be automatically deleted once the trial
ends, meaning there is no need to cancel the trial.


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