How to improve call quality during a call (HD Downgrade)


This article will show you how to improve call quality during a live call, by downgrading from HD (VoIP) to Carrier calling mode.

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How to improve call quality during a live call:

An unstable internet connection can affect your call quality. If this happens while you are on a call, we recommend improving your call quality by downgrading from HD mode to Carrier Calling mode.

To do this on a live call, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your Spoke Phone app to access the in-call options.
  2. If your phone is locked, unlock the screen to view all options. 
  3. Tap on the Fix call quality link to switch the call to Carrier calling mode.

  4. The caller will hear a message asking them to hold while we fix call quality.
  5. You will receive an incoming call to your personal mobile. This call will show as coming from your company number. 
  6. Simply answer this incoming call and you will be reconnected with the original caller. 
  7. Your call is now being made over the normal phone line and is no longer reliant on good WiFi or cellular/mobile data signal.
  8. When you make or answer your next call on Spoke, it will automatically be back in HD (VoIP) Calling mode.

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