Business SMS, MMS, Chat, and File Sharing


Spoke Phone's Business Messaging allows Spoke Phone users to send and receive messages and files to each other, and to customers.

Currently Spoke Phone's Business Messaging suite supports:

Business Chat

The sending/receiving of chat messages and files between teammates via the Spoke Phone internal. directory. This is available without the need to have an SMS-enabled phone number assigned to a user. This feature is free and available for all Spoke Phone users.

Business SMS

Spoke Phone's Business SMS allows Spoke Phone users to send and receive business SMS messages and files using their Spoke Phone phone number, keeping personal and business SMS messages separated.

Spoke Phone Business SMS is designed for person-to-person communication over the cellular carrier network. E.g. A customer on Verizon Wireless or Vodafone, etc. communicating (via SMS) with a salesperson using Spoke Phone. 


Business SMS is currently available to Spoke Phone customers in most countries. Users can receive SMS messages from over 150 countries. To get Business SMS enabled for your country, contact your Spoke Phone account manager.


To use Business SMS, a Spoke Phone user must have an SMS-enabled phone number assigned to their user profile. This process also gives the user a DID (direct-in-dial) phone number for voice calls. For example:

  • In the United States and Canada, all standard 10 digit phone numbers support both voice calls and SMS messages.
  • In Australia, users must be assigned an Australia Mobile Phone number in order to send/receive SMS messages.  These numbers can be used for both SMS messaging and voice calls.

File sending limits

You can share/send images, documents and other files on Business Chat and Business SMS.

Product File Types Maximum
Business Chat JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, MP4, MPEG, QUICKTIME, CSV, PDF, RTF, and most other media types 20 MB

Special SMS requirements and costs for US customers

US regulations (10LOC) that protect against spam messaging require that we verify and file your address with the appropriate carriers and agencies.

For US customers or customers in other countries who send TXT messages from a US number to people with US numbers, there are costs to set up, verify,  file, and maintain your company with the regulatory bodies in the US that control SMS message sending and spam.

For US customers or customers sending SMS from US numbers to US numbers
One-time filing and verification US$150
Monthly account fee US$20


  • Due to spam regulations and carrier interconnect rules, Group SMS is not supported
  • MMS is not supported by all carrriers/countries
  • Group Business Chat is not yet available
  • Whatsapp is not yet supported

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