Deploy Spoke's External Transfer Directory Plugin for Twilio Flex


Spoke's directory plugin for Twilio Flex allows Flex Agents to seamlessly connect (transfer) calls and conversations between agents in Twilio Flex and the rest of the business who use Spoke Phone.


This document is intended for use by Professional Service providers and Systems Integrators that sell, implement, integrate, or build upon Twilio Flex.

Skills Required

An appropriately skilled developer who has a reasonably technical level of knowledge and competence in working with Twilio Accounts, Twilio SIDs, Flex projects and configurations, and general use of the Twilio Console.

Spoke/Flex Architecture Diagram

Download high-res version.


Deployment Instructions

  1. Go to the Spoke Phone Github page
  2. Go to the twilio-flex-spoke-directory-plugin repository
  3. Follow the instructions in the README.MD
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