How to enable call reporting with Google Sheets using a Google Organization or Workspace account


Spoke Phone's Google Sheets integration automatically populates a Google sheet with your call data and generates a pre-built reporting dashboard.  You can easily change the date range to explore the dashboard across your selected timeframe.

This article will show you how to get started with the pre-built Google sheets integration.

Note: You will need a Google workspace account and a Google admin account to whitelist our integration partners app ( in order to successfully install this integration.



In order to use this integration within a Google Workspace account, you will need to authorize the integration with an admin account.

Please ensure you use a corporate Gmail account as we do not support personal accounts.


Whitelisting the integration in Google

Before installing the integration, you will need to Whitelist our integration partners app ( inside your Google account.  Follow the steps below or click on the link at the bottom of the steps for more information.

  1. Navigate to and sign in with an admin account
    View the google help article if you're having trouble signing in.
  2. From the Admin console Home page, go to Menu  Security API controls.
  3. Under App access control, click MANAGE THIRD-PARTY APP ACCESS.
  4. Click Configure new app, and choose OAuth App Name or Client ID.
  5. Type the app's name in the search box "", and then click SEARCH.
  6. From the list of search results, click Select on the app.
    Note: If you are configuring by OAuth app name or client ID, check the boxes for the client IDs that you want to configure, and then click SELECT.
  7. Choose the following:
    Trusted: Can access all Google services
  8. Click CONFIGURE.
    On the apps page, the Access column will display the access status for the apps: Trusted or Blocked.
  9. You're done.  The integration can now be installed.

    For more information, view the Google help article.


Installing the integration

  1. Go to your Spoke Phone account portal online and login.
  2. Go to integrations > add integration.
  3. Select to add on the Google Sheets - Call reporting card.

  4. Select Connect your Google Drive

  5. NOTE: Make sure you have completed the whitelisting process with an admin account noted in the section above.

    Choose Yes and select Save

  6. Select Link datasource

  7. Select your organization Google account

  8. Select Allow to give the app access to Google
  9. Repeat the process with Google Sheets until both are connected as below
    You MUST ensure you have connected both Google Drive and Google Sheets to the same account, otherwise this integration will not work.
  10. Select the timezone you wish your reports to be localized to and then click next
    : Data will begin streaming converted to this timezone, so make sure you get this right.
    You can always remove the integration and add it again if you wish to change this.

  11. You should now see this screen, the setup is complete.



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