Thank you for being part of the Spoke Phone Desktop Beta Trial. Your feedback is critical for us, and your time is very much appreciated.


Spoke Phone for Windows and Mac Desktops

Spoke Phone is very happy to release our new desktop app to our trusted Beta users. With the desktop app, we've really worked hard to ensure the desktop app looks, feels, and operates the same as the mobile phone app, so users have 100% feature parity and the same great experience no matter where they take calls - Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac.


Beta Focus

In this stage of the Beta program, we're looking for focused testing on voice calls, and as such, we have disabled TXT and custom forms so your testing and feedback is all about making and receiving voice calls.


Beta Expectations

To reach a successful Beta outcome, both you and the team at Spoke will need to commit to a regular process. Here is the timeline and process we would like to follow: 

For Spoke Phone's part, we promise to:

  • Attend every review
  • Respond to every email you send
  • Get on the phone as much as possible so we can see and understand the issue you're experiencing

For your part:

  • Commit to the program for 5 days, 10 days ideally 
  • Make/take more than 10 calls a day on the Spoke Phone Desktop App 
  • Attend a 30-minute online meeting on day 3 and day 6
  • Complete a 1-minute online feedback form every day
  • Email a special Beta support group with a detailed issue description and ideally screen-shot


Technical Requirements

For this Beta program stage, we're looking to tighten down technical requirements to control the test as much as possible.


Computer Requirements

  • 64-bit version of Windows 10 or macOS 10.14+

  • Minimum 4Gb of RAM

  • Intel i5 dual-core processor or equivalent

✋  Spoke Phone is not supported on Linux nor on Chromebooks.


Headset Requirements

When using a VoIP service and especially when using Spoke Phone, it's important to make sure that you are using a professional stereo headset, as this provides the best and most stable call quality.

Spoke Phone recommends using the Sennheiser Circle SC 230 Wired Monaural Headset For Desk Phone, or the Jabra Evolve 40 UC Stereo headset, which both are available with USB and mini-jack adapters so it's suited for both Mac and Windows computers.

  • On Windows (Microsoft), we recommend using a USB wired headset.

  • On macOS (Apple), we recommend using a mini-jack wired headset.

Please note that the use of mono or Bluetooth headsets, earphones, and other wireless headsets are not supported by Spoke Phone nor recommended with VoIP, as you and your customers may experience call quality-related issues.

✋  Please note that Corsair brand headsets are not supported for use with Spoke Phone.


Installing the Spoke Phone Desktop App

Your Spoke Phone account manager will provide you the link to download and install the desktop app. You will log in using the same email address you used for the Spoke Phone mobile app.


Providing Feedback During the Beta Program

After you are set up, your Spoke Phone account manager will set up the two online reviews and provide you with the Beta Program Support email and the link to the daily feedback form.




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