Tried all different email addresses that have been assigned to user and could have been linked to this account, have not received any reset password emails?



  • Spoke Phone web portal



There are several things that may be preventing you from receiving the reset password emails: 

  • Your user rights are set to Member in the portal. Only Administrator users have access to the web portal. 
  • Your user has been deleted and there is no user with that email. 
  • The original reset password email has been deleted and the emails are now directed to your Deleted folder.

Additional information: 

  • If the user has been deleted, send a request to an admin user to resent the invite.
  • If a user is a member but needs to be an admin, send in a request to an existing admin user to change user rights in the portal. 
  • How to Add a User
  • How to Reset Your Account Password
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