How to integrate Spoke Phone with Salesforce


Spoke Phone’s Salesforce integration syncs Salesforce contacts and/or leads into your Spoke Phone, and logs all calls made on Spoke Phone against the customer record in Salesforce.

Depending on the Spoke Phone license, users are able to dictate call notes and follow up after calls, which are transcribed into text and also added to the customer call record in Salesforce.  Users can also use custom forms to collect data from a call or message, which also can be added to the customer record in Salesforce or used to kick off Salesforce Lightning flows.


This article will show you how to set up and use Spoke Phone's Salesforce integration. It contains the following sections:



  • Paid Salesforce account, with API access.
  • Spoke Phone professional account.
  • Administrator access/rights to Salesforce.
  • Administrator access/rights to SpokePhone.


Connecting Salesforce

  1. Go to your Spoke Phone account portal online and login.
  2. Go to integrations > add integration.
  3. Select add on the Salesforce Contacts and Leads card.
  4. Follow the on screen prompts to install the integration.  See Settings section below for more detailed help on what to choose in the settings options.
    • Prompt 1 is to connect your Salesforce user to your Spoke Account
    • Prompt 2 will verify the connection and move to prompt 3 if successful
    • Prompt 3 is to configure the Webhook for text transcriptions & Add to CRM functions
    • Prompt 4 is to select the Salesforce user tasks & notes will be logged from (Ex. Spoke Bot)


      How to setup your Salesforce CRM Webhook

      1. Select and Copy the full Webhook URL  provided on the setup screen in prompt 3:url.jpg
      2. Open the Add a Webhook section in Spoke Phone
      3. Click the Add Webhook button 
      4. Paste the Webhook URL copied from the setup screen into the URL field
      5. Enter the Description: Salesforce CRM in the Description field
      6. Select the below 4 items within the Subscribed Events field
        • conversation.message.created
        • conversation.inactive
        • call.contact_assigned_with_add
        • call.contact_assigned_with_update
      7. Click on the Next button
      8. Click on the Save button
      9. Return to the Salesforce integration setup Screen and click Next after your webhook is saved and follow the remainder steps.
  5. Ensure you connect to your Salesforce account with a user that has administrator permissions.


When setting up the integration you are able to choose the following options, note you can also choose 'settings' to change these options at any time:

  • Owner_ID: Choose the default user you want to associate calls with when we can't find the Spoke user in salesforce.  
    We try to match the spoke user into salesforce by 'email' address.  So ensure the same email address is used in your Spoke users as the email address they have in their salesforce user record.
  • Verbose call log: This option will add the transcribed textual content of notes into the call log itself.
  • Store notes on contact: This option will add the transcribed textual content of notes into a separate note stored on the contact/lead record.
    If both 'verbose call logs' and 'store notes on contact' are off, note content is not stored in the CRM and can only be found in the call record in the Spoke App.
  • Timezone: Your call logs will contain the time the call was made (unfortunately salesforce does not have a time field by default). All call log datetime data will be shown in this timezone.
  • AddToCRMType: Select the type of record you would like to create when an unknown number calls and a Spoke Phone user chooses 'Add To CRM'.
    • If you select Lead: Choose the company name to add to new leads.  There is no field in Spoke Phone to enter a company name so this becomes the company name for all new leads created from Spoke Phone.  Your salesforce CRM users can update this lead when properly qualified with more complete information.
      You can switch the 'Add to CRM' capability on and off in the Spoke Phone web administration site.

      You must switch this on to use this feature.

      Leave this off if you do not want users to be able to 'Add To CRM' on unknown numbers.

Call logs Sample and settings explainer:


  1. The call log subject.  The setting Timezone is used to show this date and time in whichever timezone you select.
  2. The salesforce user.  The system will try to match the Spoke Users email address with a salesforce user.  The user chosen in the setting Owner_Id will be used if no email match is found.
  3. The contact/lead.  The contact or lead that the phone number matched.
  4. The call log details.
  5. Form submissions.  If a form is submitted to the call, this line shows, along with a link to a separate note stored on the contact, containing more details and the submitted form data.
  6. Note submissions.  If notes were submitted, this line shows.  If the setting Store notes on contact is ticked this includes a link to the separate note containing the transcribed note text.
  7. Transcribed note content. If the setting Verbose Call Logs is ticked, the transcribed note text is included here.

Using the integration

Data syncing

It may take a while to initially sync your contacts to Spoke Phone. Plan for roughly 1 hour per 10,000 contacts.

When you edit, add or delete contacts and/or leads in Salesforce, the updates will take no more than 5 minutes to sync to Spoke Phone. 


Receiving calls from known contacts

  • When a call comes into Spoke Phone, if the phone number is found in Salesforce, Spoke Phone will display the customer's name.
  • If more than one person is found having that number in Salesforce, Spoke Phone will pick the first person found, and let you know there are other potential matches.
  • You cannot edit contact records in Spoke Phone.  You edit contact information in Salesforce and Spoke Phone will be updated within minutes.


Finding Contacts

  • To find Salesforce contacts in the Spoke Phone app, go to the external directory.
  • Search Salesforce contacts from the Spoke Phone app using the search bar at the top of the app.
  • You must enter at least three characters (or numbers) in order for the search to trigger.
  • Spoke Phone will search the contact records on all the following fields:
    first name, last name, job title, company (account) name, email, phone, home phone, mobile phone, other phone.


Using 'Add to CRM' on unknown numbers

You can choose to show a button 'Add to CRM' in your Spoke Phone app, so that when unknown numbers call Spoke users, they are able to add that new number to an existing contact, or, add that number an a new contact (or lead).

You must switch on this feature in the Spoke Phone admin portal:

  • Go to your Spoke Phone account portal online and login.

  • Go to other > advanced

  • Ensure Activate Add to CRM Integration is in the ON position in the Other Settings section.

Follow the steps in the section below Receiving calls from unknown contacts to use this feature.

Receiving calls from unknown contacts

  • Choose 'Add To CRM' on calls from unknown numbers in order to save that new number

  • You can choose to add the new number to an existing contact or lead
    • Click 'Add to CRM', then search for and select, the appropriate existing contact or lead. 
    • The new number is added into the contacts data in salesforce.
    • The call will log against the selected contact or lead.
      The number will be added into the first empty field in this order: phone, mobile, home, other.

      If there is no empty field, the number will overwrite the contents of the 'other phone' field.
  • You can choose to add the new number to a new contact:
    • Click 'Add to CRM', type in three characters to try to find the contact, then choose 'Add new contact'.
    • Enter the firstname, lastname and optionally, email address.
    • The new contact is saved into Salesforce.
    • The call will log against this new contact.
      When installing the integration you can choose to save new contacts as either 'contacts' or 'leads'.

      When selecting 'Leads' you need to enter a company name for new leads. At this stage there is no provision for company name entry however salesforce requires this field.

Call records / logs

  • If you have a call from a number found in Salesforce, Spoke Phone will add a call log to that person.
  • If more than one person is found having that number in Salesforce, a 'question mark' will appear next to the contact. NO CALL LOG will be added until someone selects the primary contact on this call.
  • Call logs will usually be added to Salesforce a couple of minutes after the call.
  • If the Spoke Phone user is also a Salesforce user, call logs will be recorded in Salesforce against their account. This requires that the email address for the user in both Spoke Phone and Salesforce be the same.
  • If the Spoke Phone user is not also a Salesforce user, call logs will be recorded against the default Salesforce user that you selected during the initial Salesforce integration setup.


Call notes and follow up

  • If a Spoke Phone user dictated follow-up notes after a call, the notes will be transcribed into text and available in the call log for that customer in Salesforce.
  • Call notes are added to the call log no matter when the notes are added.
  • Transcribed call notes will usually be added to Salesforce a couple of minutes after they are submitted.
  • In the integration setup, you can choose (you can change these settings at any time):
    • Verbose call logs: Call notes are added directly into the call log.  Turn this off if you want a 'cleaner' call log.
    • Separate contact notes: Call notes are (also) added as separate notes stored against the contact or lead.  A link to that separate note is added to the call log.  Turn this off if you are happy to have verbose call logs.  You can mix and match these settings.

Mobile Forms

  • If a Spoke Phone user has completed a mobile form after a call, the form data will be added as a separate contact note and the call log will be updated with a link to that data.
  • Forms will usually be added to Salesforce a couple of minutes after they are submitted.


Formatting phone numbers

  • Phone numbers in Salesforce need to be in the correct format.
  • For numbers in other countries, ensure Salesforce users follow the best practice of adding international dialing code in the E164 format. Eg: +61, +1, etc.
  • If phone numbers in Salesforce do not have an international dialing code, Spoke Phone will dial the number as though it is a local number to your Spoke Phone account. If your Spoke Phone account is based in Australia, Spoke Phone assumes that all non-E164 format numbers in Salesforce are Australian numbers.
  • Spoke Phone will attempt to fix bad formatting on phone numbers you have stored in Salesforce. For instance, adding country codes, inserting local dialing prefixes, etc. If Spoke Phone is unable to fix the formatting, you will need to fix the number in Salesforce.


Call reporting

  • If you have Salesforce reporting enabled, you will see Spoke Phone calls correctly logged against your Salesforce users.
  • This requires the Spoke Phone user to be a Salesforce user, with the same email address used in both Spoke Phone and Salesforce.
  • Calls with Spoke Phone users who are not Salesforce users will be logged against the default Salesforce account that you selected during the initial setup.


Additional Information 

  • To know more about using webhooks to log call recording files into ZohoCRM, please get in touch with our Sales team at
  • Salesforce default fields are limited.  Call reporting by time will not be possible since there is no time field by default in salesforce.
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