Salesforce - Should I update my integration?

June 20th 2021

We have updated our Salesforce integration to be more capable and complete.

If you have previously installed the salesforce integration, in order to get the new features, you will need to uninstall it and reinstall the new one.


Updated capabilities:

  • Contacts and Leads now supported: Contacts and Leads are both important records that need to be available at the fingertips of front-line or mobile workers. With both contacts and leads now synchronised into the Spoke Phone book, mobile users have the full picture when receiving a call and are able to easily find and contact important contacts and leads.
  • Add to CRM now supported: New contacts from unknown numbers and follow-up notes are usually manually added to the CRM at a later date, or never. Salesforce integrations capture new contact data and important notes automatically from the conversations on mobile devices, ensuring your CRM is up-to-date.
  • Notes and Updates to existing contacts: Remove the burden of adding new contact data or follow-up notes into the CRM later (or never) from the front-line and free up more time to concentrate on other tasks.
  • Mobile Forms now supported: The integration now supports mobile form data being submitted and updates your CRMs call log, and also adds the form content into a new note against the appropriate contact or lead.

CRM call logs, notes, forms and new contact data are all captured automatically after the phone call ends so the business has a full picture of the customers interactions and activities as they happen.


If any data is submitted against a call after the call has already ended, this data is now also captured.  So you can update your notes, submit your forms, or add new contacts at a more convenient time with the knowledge it will still be captured in your CRM.

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