Prerequisites For Using Spoke With Your Twilio Account or Flex Project


Spoke can be deployed into your own Twilio Account (SID) or Twilio Flex Project, giving you the benefits of having a single Twilio project/account for all your communications.



  • A Twilio Account or Twilio Flex Project
  • Administrator Access to your Twilio Account or Flex Project
  • An appropriately skilled developer who has a reasonably technical level of knowledge and competence in working with Twilio Accounts, Twilio SIDs, Flex projects and configurations, and general use of the Twilio Console

  • A new "empty" Spoke Phone account that has not been used before and has been created for BYO Twilio deployment

Requesting a Spoke account for BYO Twilio deployment

At present, you must request a Spoke Phone account to be created for BYO Twilio deployment. 

Once requested, Spoke will send you a pre-configured link allowing you to create a new Spoke Phone account that deploys into your Twilio Account or Flex Project.

Request a new Spoke Phone Account with BYO Twilio deployment enabled.


Migrating existing Spoke accounts to your Twilio account or Flex project, or between Twilio accounts

Spoke accounts must be originally created for BYO Twilio deployment. It is not possible to turn a Spoke account that was not created for BYO Twilio deployment, into a Spoke account that can be deployed to your Twilio account.

⚠️ Due to security reasons, it is not possible to shift, merge, push, or otherwise deploy existing Spoke Accounts into your BYO Twilio account or Flex project. It is also not possible to migrate Spoke accounts between your Twilio Flex accounts or projects, even if the Spoke account was created for BYO Twilio deployments.


How to migrate non-BYO Twilio Spoke Accounts to your Twilio Account or Flex project

If you had created a Spoke account without BYO Twilio deployment (including Spoke accounts created before BYO Twilio was available), your only choice is to create a new Spoke Account with BYO Twilio Deployment enabled. This will require you to replicate parts of your existing Spoke account set up in your new Spoke BYO Twilio account, generally being:

  • Replicating IVRs, call groups, and audio
  • Inviting users to the new account
  • Porting/migrating phone numbers between accounts

Spoke professional services

Spoke does not provide professional services or support to assist with the migration of old Spoke Accounts to new BYO Twilio Spoke accounts.  This is something your IT department and developers will do using their Twilio console login on your Twilio account.

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