Click-to-dial from a computer using the tel: URL (URI)


Spoke Phone supports the industry standard method for dialing phone numbers from a webpage, known as the tel: URL (or URI)

This URL allows users on a web page to click to dial on a number and have that number called by the Spoke Phone app.


Any website or web application (such as a CRM) that supports standard tel: format for their phone numbers, should work fine with the Spoke Phone app.

To see this in action, visit and click on any of the phone numbers.

Using the tel: pattern in your website or application

In your HTML code for your website, follow this pattern:


This example URI points to a phone number in the United States. The hyphens are included to make the number more human readable; they separate country, area code and subscriber number.

e164 Format

To ensure your tel: format works correctly, numbers must be in valid e164 formats that include the + symbol and country code. As an example, the number 555-123-45678 in the United states would need to be either:

  • +1-555-123-45678
  • +155512345678






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