How to customise your audio library


This article will show you how to customize your audio library by uploading or recording new audio and selecting which audio assets you want to play to your callers.

It contains the following sections:

Record and replace any audio type

There are three ways you can add custom audio to Spoke Phone:

  1. Record them yourself using the Spoke Phone app.
  2. Make a recording using a voice recording app/software and upload it to Spoke Phone.
  3. Use a professional recording and upload it to Spoke Phone.

Step 1: Add a new audio recording

  1. Login in to your Account Portal online.
  2. Go to Audio library
  3. Click on the Audio library panel to expand this section.
  4. Click the Add button on the far right to open the Add audio pop up window.
  5. Click the Add audio type? drop-down and select the relevant audio type.

To record a new audio message via a phone call:

    1. Click on select a user.
    2. Select a user from the dropdown options. 
    3. Click the call now button.
    4. The selected user will immediately receive an automated call via the Spoke Phone app.
    5. When they answer the call, they can follow the prompts to record a new audio message.


Alternatively, to upload an audio file:

  1. Click upload file and select the relevant file to upload it as an audio asset.
  2. Uploaded files must be of .WAV type (extension), and LESS than 10mb.
  3. File names should not contain any spaces or special characters.


Step 2: Rename the recording

The recording has now been added. Give it a logical name so you can remember it/find it in the next step.

  1. Open the Audio Library panel again (if it closed).
  2. Click on the drop-down View audio type and select the relevant audio type to filter results.
  3. Look for a recording that has a created date of today.
  4. Look to the far right and click the edit pencil.
  5. Change the name to something logical.

Step 3: Select the new audio recording

  1. Click on the audio library selections panel.
  2. Navigate to the audio type you just added.
    • Certain audio types can be set up differently for each instance (i.e. a different voicemail for each call group, or a different after-hours message for each office-hours rule).
    • To configure any of these audio types, follow the links at the bottom of the page, navigate to the correct instance (i.e. call group), and scroll down until you find the relevant field. 
  3. Click on the field to see the drop-down options.
  4. Select the new recording you just added.
  5. Click off the field so it is no longer red.
  6. Your new recording is live and will play to callers.
Test your New Recording

We highly recommend testing your new recording by calling your company number
from your mobile or another landline.

Testing should be done after making any changes to your audio library selections.

Turn off the main company greeting

Spoke Phone allows you the flexibility to turn off your main company greeting anytime. Follow the steps below to make this change:

  1. Login in to your Account Portal online.
  2. Navigate to Audio Library > Audio Library Selections.
  3. Under the main company greeting drop-down select "None".
  4. Click off the field so it is no longer red.
  5. The settings are automatically saved and your callers will no longer hear the company greeting.
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