Calls are recorded using native Twilio Call Recording services and once recorded, call recordings are moved off Twilio into a more secure storage area. 

The Spoke Phone call recording storage area secures the call recording file behind a tokenized URL that can only be accessed by: A) users who were on the call (who can access recordings for their calls via the Spoke Phone application) or B) Administrators via the Spoke Phone Account Portal.

Other access to call recordings

Shortly after a call is completed, a call recording access URL is generated that provides a short time window for you to download/store the call recording wherever you need it. 

For instance, if you subscribe to the Spoke Phone Webhook's "call.recording.available" event, you will be alerted when call recordings are available and can use the call recording URL provided to download and store the call recording.

If you request the call from the Spoke Phone API, a new call recording URL is created, that again, gives you a short time window to download and store the recording.



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