How to Enable Upgrade Features in Spoke Phone


Most Spoke Phone features are available to all customers and to all users. Some features however are either not available and/or are require a license upgrade.

For instance, BYO Twilio customers that have deployed Spoke Phone to their Twilio Account may have features available to them that are either not available to and/or are upgradeable features for Spoke Cloud Customers. Some features available to users of the Spoke Phone app are based on of the type of user license assigned to the user. To access other features, the user may need to have their licenses upgraded. Spoke Phone allows companies to mix-and-match user licenses so that customers are not forced to pay for features they do not need.

How to enable locked features in Spoke Phone

If you encounter a locked feature, click on the ENABLE button or link. You will either be taken to:

  • The Subscription Page where you can choose activate the new feature for your company
  • The Users Page where you can change the user license assigned to a user
  • This support page where you will be directed to contact your Spoke Phone Account Manager or Partner.

Requesting features from your Spoke Phone Account Manager or Partner

If you have been directed to this page, it means that the feature you are seeking to unlock/upgrade requires a conversation with your Spoke Phone Account Manager or Partner.  To start this conversation either:

  1. Click here and submit a request
  2. Email and ask to speak to your account manager about an upgrade


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