Spoke Phone WiFi/network configuration: Technical requirements checklist


This article contains a checklist for your IT professional to use when configuring your WiFi/network for Spoke Phone. 

It includes the following sections:

WiFi/network configuration checklist

Use this checklist to ensure your WiFi/network meets the minimum technical requirements needed to achieve consistently good call quality. 


Spoke Phone requirement: Completion notes:

Approved router

  • Business-grade
  • Supports QoS configuration by Remote IP address / DSCP / WMM


Router model?


Supports QoS configuration by?



Router/firewall configuration

  • Allow outgoing UDP and TCP (HTTPS) to the public internet from the devices that will be using Spoke Phone, and allow return traffic in response.
  • Disable SIP Application Level Gateway (ALG)
  • Disable Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)

Allow outgoing UDP and TCP from Spoke Phone devices, and allow return traffic? 


ALG disabled? ______________________________________

SPI disabled?


QoS (Quality of Service)

  • Manually configured by Remote IP address/port ranges


  • Enabled QoS by DSCP / WMM

How has QoS been configured? 



Signal strength

  • Relative Signal Strength (RSSI) of -60dBm or higher (closer to zero) in all places employees take and make calls
  • Employee phones connected to 2.4Ghz channel



Where is the router located in the office?


What is the RSSI in places employees usually take and make calls? 


If you have two channels (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz), which channel do employee phones connect to?


Internet connection

  • Fibre (preferred), or VDSL (for small offices only)
  • Download speed (at least 20mb/s)
  • Upload speed (at least 10mb/s)
  • Ping / Latency (less than 80ms)
  • Jitter (less than 10)

Internet connection? _____________________

Download speed? _______________________

Upload speed? __________________________

Ping/Latency? __________________________

Jitter? ________________________________


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