Use Google Sheets to Send Bulk SMS Messages on Spoke Phone


Need to send bulk SMS messages on behalf of your donations team during a fundraising drive, or send out holiday greetings to customers that appear to have been sent by the customer's sales rep?

With Zapier, you can now send SMS Messages on Spoke Phone as simply as adding rows into a Google Sheet!

Save time for your team and drive better customer engagement by sending SMS messages on behalf of sales reps, support teams, and more.

Bulk SMS sending capabilities with Spoke Phone and Zapier

Using the Spoke Phone Zapier integration to send SMS messages, you can:

  1. Send no-reply SMS messages from your Company number/s
  2. Send SMS messages on behalf of a Spoke Phone User
  3. Send SMS messages on behalf of a Spoke Phone Team

Customers can reply to messages sent on behalf on Users or Teams and their replies will be routed to the user or team members. See Spoke Phone Shared Team Inbox.


  • A Zapier Account
  • A Spoke Phone Account
  • A Google account with access to create and share a Google Sheet

Getting ready to integrate

  1. If you do have not already created an Developer API Key for Zapier in your Spoke Phone account, create a new Developer API key in Spoke Phone
  2. Download or make a copy of this Google Sheet Template and save it to your Google Drive. 

Choose the right Zapier template

Use-Case Zapier Template to use
  • Send SMS messages on behalf of a Spoke Phone User so that any replies go back to the user
Send Spoke Phone SMS messages for new Google Sheets rows
  • Send "no-reply" SMS messages from any a company phone number so that any customer replies go nowhere
  • Send SMS messages on behalf of a Spoke Phone Team (e.g. Sales) so that replies go back to the team who can all collaborate with the customer using the Shared Team Inbox
  • Send SMS messages on behalf of a custom group of Spoke Phone Users
Use the Send a Team SMS trigger.


Mapping fields and additional API options

To understand how the Spoke Phone API works and examples of the payloads you can send via Zapier, see the Conversations->Send a New SMS Message specification on the Spoke Phone Developer API.

Common errors 

  • When adding phone numbers into your Google Sheet, ensure to enter numbers in e164 format (e.g. +15552231234, +6125551234545, etc.)
  • When attempting to add numbers that start with a + in Google Sheets, you need to enter  an apostrophe in front of the number.  E.g.'+1xxx.  See the example in Column B below. Once entered it should show in the shee like in Column A.



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