This article contains information about call charges for inbound and outbound calls, high-risk destinations and call routes, and 13/1300 shared-service call charges in Australia.

It contains the following sections:

Outbound call charges

Current outbound call pricing can be found online here. As Spoke Phone continues to grow our buying power increases. This means that we can negotiate better call rates which results in further call cost savings which we pass on to our customers.

If your subscription plan does not include outbound calls, these will be charged per minute, per number type (Geographic, Toll-Free, Shared-Service, etc), and by location from where you are calling. Your outbound calls are charged monthly. Log in to the Spoke Phone Account Portal and navigate to Other > Subscription to download your invoices and see un-invoiced call charges for the current period. 

Please also note that calls forwarded outside of Spoke Phone as well
external conference calls will be charged at outbound call rates. 

Inbound call charges

All inbound calls to landline numbers are included, excluding calls to free-phone numbers or shared-services numbers.

In some countries, customer calls to mobile numbers provisioned on your Spoke Phone account may be subject to inbound call costs.

Current inbound call pricing for your country can be found online here.

High-risk destinations and call routes

Some countries are considered to be high-risk for toll-fraud given the nature of their call charges and legal infrastructure. By default, Spoke Phone block calls to known high-risk routes. Contact your account administrator to have a high-risk route block removed.

13/1300 shared-cost calls in Australia

Warning: 1300 shared services numbers in Australia incur high per-minute
costs when you call them from Spoke Phone. Carriers like Telstra and Optus
charge Spoke Phone over 30 cents per minute to call 1300 numbers in
Australia. We are working with the regulators to find a solution.



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