The Spoke Phone Subscription page offers admin users a full view of the company subscription and billing details and contains the following sections:




Current Plans

Outlines what plans are active for the org and also shows types and number of users plus other add-ons. 

Company Information

Shows fields relevant to the business such as address, business name, invoice email address etc. 

Payment details

 Displays active card for the company and is where users can edit the card on file. 

  • Click Manage Card to change the credit card on file. This is recommended for cards that are expired, compromised, or otherwise unable to be used for payments. 

Invoice History

Lists all invoices for the company which includes separate ones for call charges and ones for the subscription

  • Any unpaid invoices can be accessed here for payment. 
  • To download a copy of your invoice or receipt, click the Download Invoice link then select the invoice or receipt option on the new tab that opens. 

Call Charges

Presents real-time info on your call charges. 

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