How to optimize Android Phones for Spoke Phone


Android phones have power and data saving features that are enabled by default and prevent VoIP apps like Spoke Phone from staying open, syncing data over WiFi/4G, processing notifications, and more. 

This article will show you how to optimize your Android phone for the Spoke Phone app. It contains the following sections:

Common symptoms

  • Calls might not ring in the order you have set.
  • Calls may not ring in time for you to answer.
  • Calls may not ring at all.
  • Missed call notifications and voicemail messages may get 'delayed' by your phone for a period of time (anywhere from 5 min to 24 hours).
  • On longer calls, your phone may go to sleep and stop your WiFi/data connection - meaning the call gets dropped.

Battery optimization instructions

  • Go to the apps area of your phone.
  • Find the Spoke Phone app.
  • Remove or white-list the Spoke Phone app from any battery management/optimization settings.
  • Allow Spoke Phone to run in the background or access the data network at all times (*Wi-Fi and cellular data).
  • Allow all notifications for the Spoke Phone app.

Getting additional help

We would love to be able to give you specific instructions and more help on finding your battery optimization settings. Unfortunately, every manufacturer changes, hides, renames, and moves the standard Android system settings that Google provides. Every model of phone is different so even two different devices from the same manufacture can have totally different settings, in totally different places, called totally different things.
Further assistance!

Unfortunately Spoke Phone is unable to help you with your specific phone, as
there are literally thousands of make/model combinations. The internet is
your best source for instructions.
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