How to optimize Apple iPhones for Spoke Phone



This article will show you how to optimize your iPhone for use with the Spoke Phone app. This is necessary to ensure you always receive notifications and calls always ring on your phone. 

It contains the following sections:


Apple / iCloud login

Each iPhone requires it's own unique Apple / iCloud login.

This is critical as Apple cannot differentiate between the Spoke Phone app on different devices so it doesn't know which phone to send notifications and phone calls to. 


How to enable "Background App Refresh" 

If you use an Apple device, you need to have "Background App Refresh" turned on for Spoke Phone as it allows the app to run properly. If "Background App Refresh" is turned off, Spoke Phone functionality may be limited, leading to missed calls or notifications.

Follow the steps below to turn on "Background App Refresh" on an Apple device:

1. Go to SettingsGeneral.


2. Tap Background App Refresh.


3. Scroll down to find Spoke Phone.

4. Toggle the button to green to turn ON background app refresh for Spoke Phone.


5. You're done! Your iPhone is now optimized for the Spoke Phone app. 

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