Force Users to Log In With Single-Sign-On


Spoke Phone supports Single Sign-On [SSO] to enable your users to easily log in to Spoke Phone apps with their existing enterprise credentials.  SSO is supported for Spoke Phone mobile apps, desktop apps, and the Spoke Phone Account Portal for company administrators.

In addition to SSO login, users are able to log in to the Spoke apps using their email or mobile phone number.

For enhanced security, Administrators are able to force users to log in ONLY using their company SSO credentials.


Force Users to Login Using SSO

  • Login to the Spoke Phone Account Portal as an Administrator
  • Navigate to Other -> Advanced -> Single-Sign On
  • Scroll down and find the setting "Force users to login with SSO (no email or TXT logins)", and turn it On


All users will now be required to log in using the company SSO credentials.


Warning: Once you turn this on, your login to your Spoke Phone Account Portal
will also be locked to SSO login only, so ensure your SSO setup is tested
and working before turning on Force SSO.
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