Why are Teams limited to a maximum number of users/devices?

Customer Experience: Teams are best limited to a reasonable number of users/devices.  Imagine if you've got a Team with 50 people in it and you've set the Team to Simultaneous Ring Everyone.  50 phones in the office would start ringing at the same time (very disruptive), and research suggests that over time lesser calls get answered because everyone assumes someone else will pick it up.

Call throughput. Making simultaneous calls places load not only Spoke's systems but other systems such as Twilio, the telco carrier, etc.  Most of these systems have a throughput limitation known as CPS - Calls Per Second.

Increasing Maximum Teams Membership

For BYO Twilio Customers

Spoke can increase your Team membership limit to 50 users/devices per Team.  This may require you to increase your Twilio CPS rating for calls.  Your Account Executive will help you figure out the right choices and CPS rating for your business use-case.

For non-BYO Twilio Customers

If you did not deploy Spoke to your own Twilio account, then you are using the Spoke Cloud.  By default every Spoke customer on the Spoke Cloud shares various resources. To make it fair for everyone on the Spoke Cloud, some functions are limited.

By default, Team membership for Spoke Cloud accounts is limited to 10 users/devices per Team.

You can get these limits increased by:

  1. Moving your Spoke account from the Spoke Coud to your own Twilio Account
  2. Upgrading your Spoke Subscription to increase your Team Membership limits. 

Either way, contact your Spoke Phone Account Executive to talk about the best options for you.


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