Install the Spoke Desktop Client Using MDM or a Silent MSI Installer for Unattended Bulk Windows Deployments


Spoke provides two distinct Microsoft Installer (MSI) packages IT Administrators can use to install Spoke for Windows for multiple users or machines. These packages natively support all msiexec commands and are recommended for customers who need to deploy Spoke to hundreds or thousands of machines. If you don't need to deploy Spoke at large, download the desktop app.

The two MSI packages are fundamentally different, using different deployment and update mechanisms. Please read carefully before making your decision.

💽 Supported MDM Solutions

Spoke has no restrictions on the preferred MDM solution your business chooses, however a number of our customers use Microsoft's Intune - cloud-based endpoint management solution.

👩‍💻 MSI for per-user deployment

The MSI for per-user deployment adds the Spoke Installer machine-wide, rather than individually installing Spoke for Windows. The Spoke Installer will only add Spoke for Windows if it was never installed for the user currently logged into the machine.

Who it's for:

This method is best for companies where employees work from their own machine or device and receive updates from Spoke automatically.

Who it's not for:

Companies where many people use the same machine (like terminal servers), or need to control which version of Spoke is used, should use the MSI for machine-wide installation.

What to consider

  • Spoke for Windows will be installed to %LOCALAPPDATA%. While the Spoke Installer is installed machine-wide, Spoke for Windows is not.
  • Every member maintains their own version of Spoke. (can update to new versions)
  • Updates are automatically downloaded in the background, and each user is required to run the update.
  • No need for maintenance — Spoke will keep itself up-to-date and secure.
  • Uninstalling the MSI installer won't remove the Spoke app from user accounts.


  1. Download the latest Spoke Phone MSI Installer for per-user deployment
  2. Add the MSI to your deployment solution
  3. Ensure you use the installer command as indicated below
  4. Test your deployment package rigorously
msiexec /i c:\path\to\package.msi /quiet /qn /norestart /log c:\path\to\install.log 

👨‍🔧 MSI for machine-wide installation

The MSI for single installation deployment installs Spoke Phone for Windows machine-wide to the Program Files location. It is multi-client-capable, meaning that it can be used by multiple users on one machine, keeping their profiles separate in %ROAMINGAPPDATA%. Important: Using this method, Spoke will not receive automatic updates.

Who it's for:

This method is best for companies in which multiple employees use the same machine, like terminal servers, and/or need to control which version of Spoke Phone they use.

Who it's not for:

Companies in which people use their own machines and update Spoke Phone automatically should use the MSI for per-user deployment.

What to consider

  • Single installation on a machine means a smaller hard drive footprint at scale.
  • All user-related data (workspace info, preferences, logs) is stored in  %ROAMINGAPPDATA%.
  • IT teams must monitor that the latest version of Spoke Phone for Windows is installed.
  • IT maintenance required to keep Spoke Phone up-to-date and secure.

Keeping Spoke Phone up to date

It is important to stay up to date on new releases, as they provide users with valuable features, fixes, and security. When installed using the machine-wide installer, Spoke Phone does not auto-update. In order to stay current with latest Spoke Phone releases, we provide an automated RSS alert to notify you of new Windows Spoke Desktop App updates.

Important: Due to the rapid innovation and constant improvement philosophy at Spoke Phone, your IT team must agree to, and be able to, push Spoke for Windows updates to all machines at least on a monthly basis. Support will not be provided to customers who have not deployed a new release that has been publicly available for more than 45 days.


Complete this form requesting access to the machine-wide installer

  1. You will be sent instructions via email and a link to access the installer
  2. You will put on the notification list to receive update alerts
  3. Ensure you use the installer command as indicated below
msiexec /i c:\path\to\package.msi /quiet /qn /norestart ALLUSERS=1 /log c:\path\to\install.log 

MDM Configuration and Policy Requirements

Spoke is unable to advise on best MDM configurations and limitation of your corporate policies. However, the below information may be relevant for tightly controlled/locked-down networks and machines.

Domain Policy

We require network connectivity (WebSocket) for the below domains:




Firewall Policy 

Refer to Spoke Phone Network Connectivity Requirements


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